Passover Meaning In Hindi

 Passover  Meaning in hindi    —       Passover is celebrated on the 15th days of Nissan. Every year, we commemorate the festival of Passover to remember the giving the liberation from the slavery. This holy Festival is celebrated by the Jews for the length of seven to eight days.  During this holy celebration, we exchange specially designed Passover gift and cards with our near and dear ones so that they will remember the history of the freedom and say thanks to the Almighty for saving them. Nowadays, Passover includes lots of wishes, prayers, and get-togethers so that the young generation can relate with the Hebrew culture, religion and heritage. The HD Images, Pictures and Wallpapers are sending to their relatives through social media. The Whatsapp Imgaes and Facebook Posts are also there to express the feelings. People also eat matzah and foods allowed to be eaten. In this festive date, some of the offices and the businesses remain close along with that, the governments also declare holidays on the first and the last day of the festival of Passover. This special festival of Passover not only holds significance from the religious and cultural viewpoints but also have a great importance from the historical perspective of Jews and the Egyptians.

Passover Meaning in hindi

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Passover meaning in hindi
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